This Is A Summary of visit by Imam Khalil with Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin

The following was submitted as:  Summation of Recent Visit With Imam Jamil Al-Amin by Imam Khalil

Update: Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 11:07 AM

Imam Jamil sends his greetings to all Muslims and to those who do good, to those he knows, and to those he does not know. 

He expresses his thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to everyone whose efforts have contributed to raising awareness to his declining health, and for the concern shown by the massive call in campaign.
His spiritual state is good, at an all-time high, and so is his mental state; it is a sharp as a tack.

However, his physical condition is steadily declining. He has lost as much as 30 pounds. His feet are still swollen, top and bottom, and painful. He is having difficulty walking and sleeping; he is weak, and he wakes up tired. He is still not available to exercise. He just sits and lays down, day in and day out. He has not seen an MD, nor an orthodontist; only a dentist, which is a general practioner, and an MDs assistant. He asks that everyone continue their humanitarian efforts to demand that he gets urgent and accurate medical treatment and to be transferred to a more suitable medical facility."

 The Struggle Continues.  Thank you. Imam Khalil

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