Emergency Committee On Humanitarian Aid For Jamil Al-Amin aka H. "Rap" Brown

Dear Friends,
Even-though we were initially jubilant about our success in having Jamil Al-Amin/ H. "Rap' Brown moved to a medical facility, we were already aware that our work was not finished. We have every reason to fear that he may be returned to solitary confinement or/ and back to Colorado. We cannot allow that to happen. Drawing from the people who came together in Jackson and their circles, we have formed the Emergency Committee on Humanitarian Aid for Jamil Al- Amin/ H. "Rap" Brown. We are creating a committee of medical people to send the attached letter to the director of prisons. Please remember that this is not an argument about the innocence or guilt of Jamil; it is about the inhumanity of keeping a person in solitary confinement for 13 years and denying him medical care.
We are writing for two reasons. If you know of medical people who would be willing to sign the letter, please contact them, show them the letter and have the person email me atfrushing@ben.edu. If you are willing to have your name listed as a member of the committee, email me with that information. Both are urgent. We want to fax the first letter to the director tomorrow or the next day at the latest. This will be an ongoing campaign.
If you know someone who might sign the letter and you cannot get them today, please continue to try and get them. We will be sending more than one letter. We need to make the state realize that there is a broad base of support for this case.
Fannie Rushing

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